Special Hazards

Special hazards fire protection situations can occur in all types of companies – not just at industrial sites or in areas where flammable materials areas are stored.


These systems are specifically designed to suppress fires in cases where sprinklers are not appropriate as the first or only means of fire protection.


For instance, in addition to protecting objects such as computers or vital documents, these types of systems provide fire and damage protection for objects such as irreplaceable art.


The team at RNW Fire Services is uniquely trained and qualified to install, repair and maintain special hazard systems. We also offer design services through close-working relationships with design consultants. Depending on your industry and facility – as well as building contents – we may recommend gas, water mist, wet or dry chemical suppression solutions.


Gas suppression system options include:

  • Carbon Dioxide – Provides a blanket of gas that reduces the oxygen level in a fire to a point where combustion cannot occur

  • FM200 – A clean, gaseous fire extinguishing agent used for a wide range of applications such as protecting computer rooms, communication installations, pleasure and fishing boats and military vehicles

  • Pro Inert – An inert gas used in a wide range of industrial applications as an alternative to CO2 and FM200

  • Novec 1230 – Stored as a liquid and recognised as a breakthrough in clean agent fire suppressant technology.


Water mist suppression is another outstanding fire suppression agent due to its high heat capacity & heat of vaporisation. The water mist system we recommend is a self-contained, single-fluid, pre-engineered suppression system for total compartment protection of machinery spaces.


Other suppression options include wet chemical and dry chemical systems for applications such as range hoods in kitchens and for vehicle protection.


Have questions about choosing the right special hazard solution for your company? Contact us today or call us on (08) 8354 0054.

Special Hazards

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