Vehicle Fire Suppression

Searching for fire suppression solutions for construction, government or industrial vehicles? RNW Fire Services assists clients in industries such as mining, waste handling, forestry, military and construction to ensure vehicles are equipped with the proper protection in the event of an emergency.


Why the need for a vehicle fire suppression system? An unchecked vehicle fire can be one of the greatest threats to employee safety and company assets. A proper suppression system provides fast, reliable protection against gasoline, oil and lubricant fires in large vehicles and equipment.


We can provide you with a full risk assessment of your equipment prior to any installation to determine the areas most likely in need of protection, as well as suggest ideas for employee safety and compliance.


We offer fire suppression options for vehicles including:

  • Foam water spray systems – These systems are pre-engineered and designed to suppress fire in high-risk areas around the engine, turbo chargers, transmission, hydraulics and battery areas

  • Dry chemical powder – Another pre-engineered system used for the protection of industrial equipment.

Need an inspection or testing of an existing system? Learn more about our Maintenance Options

Vehicle Fire Suppression

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